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I made a map with ****** Maps showing the locations of houses on a SA-MP server ( However, I was not able to find a satellite/aerial image with high enough resolution. The most accurate image I was able to find was 6000x6000, and the desired resolution would be somewhere around 16000x16000. The current resolution allows to have 5 zoom levels, but I would like to have a few more.

Does anyone know where I could find a more accurate map, or is it possible to generate such map myself from the GTA's .img files?


Yes you can make your own GTA:SA GPS maps with THIS TOOL.

You can define the amount of pictures that will be taken and the program will photograph the whole map for you. The higher this number, the nearer the photo will be to the earth and the more detail you get, but it also increases the total amount of images that will be taken. You will still have to go to Photoshop or a similar program and put all the pictures together to get a complete map.

Just read the readme.txt included in the download for further information.

Edit: The water has to be added by hand (Photoshop), and the map will get distorted when the resolution is increased. The best map you can get is probably the one put together by Ian Albert, which I am already using.

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