MySQL (Newbie question)

I have a GM that requirers MySQL. But my question is where do I get MySQL (I thought it was but there were so many downloads I wasn't sure which was right.

If anyone can tell me where to get this, what it's called, and offer advice that might help me get it started that world be great!

Thanks: jakejohnsonusa

Nevermind, I was too slow.

Thanks, but I am confused. Those were plugin's... Where do I get the actual MySQL program for this?

After you've installed the plugin, install XAMPP, then using the XAMPP control panel, start Apache, and MySQL. Then, in your browser, go to localhost/phpmyadmin. That's where you'll be able to create databases/tables and alter data.

****** a tutorial, there are plenty on setting up MySQL.

Wait so MySQL is this thing right?
Also what is Apache?

Thanks for the help guys!

You need Wamp server: Download: for local test things, after you install it go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

If icon at clock keeps being orange or red, fully exit from skype or teamviewer as they all use same port

And for a public host, you will need hosting company which offers you a mysql, mostly all of companies offers it by default.

Oh, ok so I did it and got everything done. Now I am at the http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and have created a database. I need the following things for my GM though: mysql_host, mysql_user, mysql_password, and mysql_database . I know my database is SA_MP, but how do I find the other things?

Host is localhost, username and password are the credentials you use to login to phpMyAdmin. If you didn't run the security setup then the username is root. No password.

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