[GameMode] [GM] FunMod One

This is my 2nd mod. I created it for fun. Started at 06 September. The mod is popular in Lithuania, so now it\'s open source.

There is thing like messagesend the thing sends messages to every player every 3 minutes.
There is time. It says the server time every 1 minute.
There is random player spawns.
There is random color. When car crashes it will respawn with new color.

~30 Player models
~193 Cars
~50 Pickups

/give [pleyerID] [amount] - Gives some money to other player
/para - Buy a parachute
/count - This will countdown
/tele - Teleports list
/lock - Lock your car
/unlock - Unlock your car

/tuning - The tuning.
/s - You will fly like a bird
/kalnas - The mountain
/drag - Sends you to the dragzone
/dm - Sends you to the dmzone
/dm2 - Sends you to the dmzone
/skate - Skate park.
/ammu - Ammunation.
/drift - Drift
/lso - Los Santos airport
/ls - Los Santos
/lv - Las Venturas
/sf - San Fierro

/clean - Cleans chat
/cash - Payday
/speedo - Speedometer

So here we go.


As for your /dm command, it is only going to work if a player is in a vehicle; the return should also be outside the if statement, because we all know what if signifies; a chance that it may not equal that value, therefore a person unfamiliar with the script is going to think he typed the command wrong :P.

Also, I'm sorry for picking on pretty much every dm mini-mode made, but can you use SetSpawnInfo? It illiminates the need to teleport back after death. Thus you will need to do a check on your random spawn subroutine and a /dmexit command, but these can be done very easily i assure you.

Other than that it sounds like a nice mode, and I will have a try later.



And Ramjet if you want you can do that, send it to my email darkneaz@gmail.com . Becouse really I don\'t have time for this.

can u fix link?

I used thid gamemode, It was really great...
But the /tuning..
i install some of the new parts and then..
the game crashes..
Little help?

Bl2ku, you must have done something wrong, for instance putting Nitro(nos) on a bike will most certainly crash, so most likely would putting a spoiler on a vehicle that cant have one in any mod shops

Alot of the tuning crashes seem to be universal in SAMP. there may be fixes but im not sure.
A rule to follow, if it cant have one in the SP game...Don't give it on in SAMP game.


I changed my nick. This mod belongs to me. And now I restrict any right to give this mode to anyone. No more public releases.

where i cant download this gamemode?

Fix The download link man , plz.

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