The impossible happened.

so basically i replaced some mods and then wanted to reinstall GTA SA.
So i did after the reinstall the mods were still there i done it 3 times ! and the mod's don't get removed.
there were replaced in GTA3.img not the SAMP/custume.img

Why is this happening ?

ok solved the problem
read below post edit 2 for the solution

Delete your all Gta files.
Then install.

you think i haven't done that ?
i removed all the rockstar games folder with SHIFT+DEL, then reinstall the game about 3 times
the models are still there.
Also i just removed the GTA3.IMG and run the single player and the game run like i haven't removed it :X

im running a index search of gta3.img found 4 gta3.img files in my TEMP folder,APP Data
maybe somehow they are triggered from there :X

i have deleted all Gta San Andres folders that were found and will attempt to reinstall again.

Are you running GTA as administrator?

That means that you have the game installed elsewhere.

Try this.

Open your SA-MP client.

Click the clog icon (Settings)

Check the installation location

Go there, and SHIFT-DEL the file.

Now, I'd also uninstall SAMP along with the GTA. just to be sure.

Then it's cool. You can keep your fav(s) by going to My Documents -> GTASA userfiles -> SAMP-> gta_sa.set (and the USERDAT)

Now, once you're POSITIVE about it deleted, install a clean copy

How About you make sure there Isn't more than one GTA INSTALLED on your computer that might be overwriting the files when you install them, happend to my once. I had 2 GTA so I went to Control Panel > Unstall a program to make sure nothing else was needed to be removed.

I don't know but if any of you saw my EDIT 3 it would save me time from writing this.
Ok so first of all thank you all for trying to help out, but neigther of those were the problem.
I never had miltiple gta sa installed anyway.
What the actual problem was is that I got a new img tool called "spark" I replaced a few mods then decided to remove them, which then I found out that I can't.

Then I done a full index search on my pc for files called "gta3.img" becouse in my EDIT 2 I stated tha I remove the "gta3.img" and the game stil run.(that got me thinking there must a "gta3" else where)
So the search found 4 files the main one that made the problem was in
"C:/users/username/AppData/virtual..." And there was the "gta3.img"
I deleted it and all worker fine.
I'm guessing the spark created that file there becouse the. I done a test to se if IMG TOOL 1.2 will do that but it didn't.

Make a new account on your PC, make it admin. Install GTA on that and see.

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