Server BUG!

Hey everyone I own a sa:mp server but I have problem with it opening now now I am using different host and location is UK and the ip is changed to problem is when someone connect to the server it goes off.......
Can anyone tell me what the problem is?
Please. Thanks.

First wear sun glasses.
Second forgot first stage
Third goto the hoster's forums
Fourth ASK THERE!!!

The problem is because the script needs a plugin to run but you have not inputted the plugins line in your server.cfg
pawn wont show an error cuz it can show errors related to includes and the main script..not plugins

Ryder is correct, problem is with ur plugins.. if ur server is linux then make sure that u use .so plugins, latest ones and make sure u compile with the new ones also!

Yea server use linux and I think i need to update my plugins I'll check if it work then

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