MySQL BlueG plugin on CentOS problem

Hey I was about to test my script using BlueG's plugin to test if my house system I am making works or not, however when I start up the server I get this error when trying to load the plugin:
[18:52:43]  Loading plugin:
[18:52:43]   Failed (plugins/ undefined symbol: _Z13stringvprintfPKcPc)
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that the thread only has download links for R6 and R5 on CentOS, does this mean that I will have to recompile the plugin on my CentOS machine?

And I have got

did you place into plugins/ folder ?

Originally Posted by CmZxC
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did you place into plugins/ folder ?
obviously, otherwise it wouldn't know the plugin is there which outputs the errors.

-FIXED- I used the x86 version when all I needed was the standard ubuntu one :P

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