[DM] Textdraw "Help"

Hi guys, pls try to create this Textdraw with Update for me:

Thank you!
Best Regards

Firstly you can start using Pleox's textdraw editor it's very easy to use. Textdraws are really fast to be created or modified. About the stats update you can do on this ways:

1° Kills - Increment the kills variable when you kill a player and update the textdraw
2° Deaths - Do the same thing when your character dies.
3° Killing spree: Same system if you kill more than an amount of times.
4° Ratio: Just Just do Kills/Deaths.

A possible example (not mine though) is:

pawn Код:
new tdstring[5];
new Float:ratio = killsvar/deathsvar;
format( tdstring, sizeof( tdstring ), "%f", ratio );
TextDrawSetString( textdraw, tdstring );

Hi TheArcher, I can't find "Pleox's textdraw editor" can u help me to find it pls?

Here. https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=376758

Ok thank you very much, can u create the update for me pls?
Its little bit hard for me.


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