[GameMode] [GM]LVCatchAndKill

Info:This is a gamemode that i made a while ago but only just remembered about it!

About:This is a TDM (Team Death Match) witch you have to go around finding random weapons and killing the other team to get player score! There are 2 teams the cops and the gangsta's. There is set team so you cant kill any of your team members witch would be very helpful for no team killing! It has nos for all the cop cars but not the gangsta's cars because of the speed. There are 4 player classes each! There are also over 100 pickups around LV including health and amour. I have commented the join and leave massages for if you already have them in an admin script ETC.... You will gain 25 Health every kill you get.

Commands: The only command is /kill because you don't really need any others !

Thanks to [HiC]Cam With helping make this script!!!!

Download: PWN: PasteBin
PWN&AMX!: DataFileHost

Haha, nice script killer.

Originally Posted by MasterAssasin
Haha, nice script killer.

Nice! I like it

Wow this is epically old, I forgot I even made this..

Nice TheKiller

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