Money Bug

Where i can change in Raven's RolePlay GM money what is given when Player register?

ill try put all bugs on script thread and search there for help.

How the hell is that a bug?
Just read the code instead of creating wrong titles.

Why did i post in a 4 days old thread?

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Why did i post in a 4 days old thread?
Must be because you nub.

Newaiz, look for the part where the player registers, and check if theres a assigned value given to the player, and change that.

When players register someone gives 150k money some give 3k money. How to put that all gives the same money.

You'll find something like
pawn Код:
new mrand =random(150000)
Maybe after register dialog response,
for me I did
pawn Код:
GivePlayerMoney(playerid,PlayerInfo[playerid][pCash] +2000);

PHP код:
PlayerInfo[playerid][pCash] = ScriptMoney[playerid]; 
There is like this

I removed this line
[php]PlayerInfo[playerid][pCash] = ScriptMoney[playerid];[/php
Changed it the first line to
PHP код:
dini_IntSet(string3"Money",PlayerInfo[playerid][pCash] +2000); 
I registered and got 2500$, create new account got 5000$ And with next account get more. Why?

Raven's RolePlay GM = Not for scripting beginners.

If someone is gonna tell me you posted this to increase your post count...Answer is No I just wanna tell him that.

Choose something simple, not a Role Play server. Besides using a downloaded GM won't work if you wanna put it online..etc

it is so hard to change that dont give each next id more money than previous?

Yeah Raven's is bugy, but not the script wiich cant fix. Just RolePlay is my favorite GM. :P

Hope for other help

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