How to get players?

I got a good script and add some more things also,
My server is heavy RP and I made some things which make it heavy RP.
But I am not getting players.
I SA on samp 2 times..
There are not enough admin..
There is only one person doing his work properly in my staff..
I script is too good..
I got host of 40 slots from SAMP.
And I want just want 1$ to renew my server. Currently there is 42 days left..
So, there is no host problem also...

What to do to get players?

Thank you.

Try making videos and post on your adverts and *******.

Server Advertise

Give gifts and ask the players in your server to invite more players if possible.

A fast way to get players is to put ur server on hosted Tab, if u have money$$

But how he can make it? "Game-mp is not accepting new account registrations at this time because the server lists are at full capacity." ^^

Make sure your server is 24/7 host.
Your server must have the following:

- The script must be unique
- The script must not be from SA-MP Forums
- Your server must be fast

and make an advertisement on the forum and in the ******* to have players.

If still doesn't work then i don't know.

Get hosted tab listing from your current host, if they do not offer you, I suggest you to either switch hosts or find someone who has a hosted tab account.

First you'll need to advertise it and make your server 24/7 and add some exiting cool stuff . and make forum ext

Get some proper forums, and make a proper script that people would enjoy playing.

- The script must not be RP.

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Get some proper forums, and make a proper script that people would enjoy playing.
- Add server on hosted tab
- Play actively on your server and call your friends (On beginning players won't play alone.)
- Have nice and mature administration team

Use your imagination.

Have something to offer players.
Dont follow the crowds! Have a unique server/script

Thank you all for suggesting me.

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- The script must not be RP.
Hahahah Funny Lol.

Volt-Host offers cheap hosted tab servers.

No not atm. Does anyone knows when they get some again?

hosted tab gets you players also making videos but also never ever ad on other servers you may endding up getting ddosed or somthing like that

Use a gamemode that are rare, and unique but people like play in.
If you just use RolePlay, it has to be very very unique, still you chanece to get player are very slim because many rp out there who have many weird yet unquie features.
Mix up the suggeston above and you can start

Get a stable hosted server
Put it on hosted list
Get domain, not but a standard one
Advertise it on sa-mp and *******
Have your server in more than one language
If you can do russian server, i bet you will get more playert than you expected)

Some points you should consider:

Staff Team:

You need to really consider your positions within your staffing team, administrator levels etcetera, you need well-thought-of plans for an administration team, guidelines and procedures for them to go-by, as of your standard. What's off-putting is when you enter a server and the majority of the tab-list is staff, it's not a good look. If you've got alot of administrators, for a smaller community, then you might want to reconsider who's consistent to the community and give them a shot at administrator. Keeping a good tight-knit relationship with the team is also healthy internally. Last-but-not-least, don't be biased. Just be sure that your team is working close together to do as they're intended. You'd be surprised what a 'professional looking staff team' could bring.

Unique gamemodes/features:

If you're using a publicly released gamemode then I cannot honestly seeing a community progress that far. You're going to need something what others don't have, a well-intended and functional web UCP for example.

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