Help - Some little script

Guys, i took some scripts from Raven's role play.

It makes to see your ' bank account ' on your screen always.. I just wanna take this, and put on my mod.
I got it, but i had to put it under the 'show stats' public, thats why when i use /stats i can see the textdraw.

I wanna show this bank money textdraw for all time..

	format(wstring, sizeof(wstring), "$%d" , bank);
So how can i put this code unders 'player spawn' correctly.. thanks..

look for the textdraw creating under OnGameModeInit

I have textdraw and its working.. but just when i use /stats i can see it =)
thats why i shared that code, because just it stays under the 'show stats' public..

So if i move this code o OnGameModeInıts (just like that) is that gonna work ?

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