[FilterScript] [FS] Car Tuning Menu v. 2.2 by HeLiOn PrImE

Car Tuning Menu v2.2
by HeLiOn PrImE

Tune any car, anywhere, with one single command. </tune>

Based on the Car Tuning Menu v. 1.1 by Rsts [Lucas]
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What does this script do? Basicly this script allows you to tune any car you want if it's allowed in FS .
Finding the vehicle list: Simply open the .pwn and find the line number 135. Add the vehicle ID there.
What are commands: The only command you need is /tune. Used only in a vehicle.

1. Do not try to add planes or boats. The server will crash if you attempt tuning them
2. Special vehicles can be added. They can be equipped only with bass boost, hydraulics, wheels, paint and nitrous.

New Features:

1. Added selection sounds for:
- Respraying
- Component installing.

2. Fixed issues:
- the Uranus body parts;
- the Elegy Roof Scoops;
- the Slamin front bumper for Slamvan.
All these components can now be added to the respective vehicles.
With this update I am pleased to say, that there are no more known script bugs from the previous versions.

There is a client problem, tough.
The dialog stays in the center of the screen making the player tune the vehicle almost blind fold.
I am still trying to find a way to script the camera, so you can see what you are doing. Wish me luck!!

You can modify or optimize this script the way you like it for your own server, but you are not allowed to release it under your name!! Please pay some respect, and leave the credits as they are!!

Version: 2.2
Download Link:
Previous Version:
-He created the original script;
-He did the indentation cleaning and fixed minor issues;
HeLiOn PrImE (me):
-I rebuilt the entire script using dialogs instead of menus,
-added the Transfender car part support,
-added selection sounds,
-fixed some other minor issues (check above).

Its great/


Not bad

Not bad

This is all i need for my stunt server thanks pal.

the dialog dont work :S

EDIT: pls every update link put in sendspace solidfiles dont work

Great work.

Good work

Originally Posted by imnoob
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the dialog dont work :S
EDIT: pls every update link put in sendspace solidfiles dont work
Uploaded on sendspace as well: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9btpxl

The solidfiles still works. It just has that freezing time and sometimes it shows timeout, but the filesave window still appears..

And regarding the dialog, please make sure you don't have dialogs with the same ID numbers. That can cause interactions between 2 different dialog scripts. I experienced the same after I mounted the script on my server. Changing the dialog ID's should solve the problems.

Good Work Dude!

Nice Work Man , I'll use it on my server

This is awesome Helion Prime......

It was very hard to make it becasue of the many listitems and AddVehicleComponents


can you make it so it saves your tuned car

Good Work

Nice Thanks you

Originally Posted by scottygraham1990
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can you make it so it saves your tuned car
Can I? Well yes, I can, but that takes an awful amount of time. My normal day goes like this. Go to school, go to work, and sleep. Not much time left for the PC. Plus, I did mention the fact that I am still new to scripting. Even if I had the time, wouldn't even know what to begin with.

Making this was easy. What makes this cool is the fact that I made the messy work sorting out all the car parts. I don't know advanced scripting yet. I need to learn how to use ******'s libraries first, to even begin working.

You are in fact asking for a car saving system. You can find some of those here on the forums and replace the conventional tuning shops with this.

No work in ubuntu server, help me pls

Nice work !

Good Job !

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