Bugged wall?


When I mapped I got a cool idea, it's a breakable wall at Grove ST or something..

I cheked that out to make some nice mapping but it seems bugged or disabled?..


Outside, can't break the wall tried with explosions, Rihno, truck, and the SWAT vehicle that is used in the mission #100

How it's looks inside (no interior) And it should be there..

How it's looks inside interior (normal).When you get in with map editor.

I hope this can be fixed or enabled.

Or it just work in singleplayer mission??..
But it would be nice if enebladin sa-mp then! Like said.

Here is a video from singleplayer if u need:



Only way to fix this if in the future sa-mp update that object gets removed.

It's a custom feature of the mission.

Originally Posted by SuperViper
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It's a custom feature of the mission.
Oh ok!, I thought so.. But it would be good if it was eneblaed by standard..

Thanks for replies guys!..

Well, it is only coded for Single Player, and SA-MP doesn't have that feature. Objects can get removed by OnPlayerRemoveBuilding ( Or OnPlayerRemoveObject(s) ) with SA-MP map editor 0.3e. This custom feature in Single Player is coded very hard in the script, so it can't be edited, for Single Player

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