Mapping issues

I'll just get straight to the point.

Every single mapping is gone, and RemoveBuildingForPlayer has generated enormous holes.
This happend in a normal day after a random restart.
We have updated streamer, replaced the scriptfiles and tried using earlier versions of our script with no luck.

I have run out of ideas for what could be causing it so I hope someone from here could help.

How many objects are you using? because SA-MP has a max createobject limit so if it goes over 1000 then thje objects will go missing so make sure you are not using more than 1000 objects as that might be the reason why your mapping is missing

Well, I'm not quite sure but for the whole month everything was running fine, until last night.

did you add any more mapping to the script? cause if you did it that extra mapping might of been gone over the limit of creating objects

We did add two more pickups for houses, but even after deleting them the problem wasn't solved.

the only thing I can say right now is to just redo the mapping and try to use less objects as you can

Is there any possibility that the Host caused it?

there might be, cause sometimes even a host could do something bad to your scripts

Are you sure you removed the correct lines of RemoveBuildingForPlayer?

It turned out the problem was somewhere in the scriptfiles. Replacing them fixed the problem, so I guess an object was crashing the streamer.

Thanks for the replies.

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