Adding (IsAMedic..

I'm sure you're all familiar with the (IsACop function that allows cops in LEO factions to carry out certain operations. I'm currently making a medical faction and would like to make a similar function for the medic, but I'm not sure how to go about it.. I also want to make a function to read whether the medic is on/off duty, like the if(!OnDuty[playerid]) for cops.

For example, when my cops go on-duty, it uses these lines..
pawn Код:
    new sendername[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];
    sendername = PlayerNameEx(playerid);
        if (PlayerToPoint(3, playerid,255.3,77.4,1003.6) || PlayerToPoint(3,playerid,-1616.1294,681.1594,7.1875) || PlayerToPoint(3,playerid,2285.80, -2044.13, -28.95) || PlayerToPoint(10,playerid,255.20, 189.71, 1008.17) || PlayerToPoint(10,playerid,228.40, 111.00, 1003.21))
            new rtext[50];
            new string[128];
            if(OnDuty[playerid] == 0)
and it allows them to use all the cop commands, including /uniform.

How could I do the same thing for medics going on duty?

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