Is there anyway to solve this?

I just receive a big worst report from my friends.
He told me that someone copy my server name and try to steal my players.
The stealers copy the name and add the v2 on the server name.

But phew, The only best record in that fake server is 4 meanwhile mine is 12.

How can i stop them?

Hmm That's fucked up... Try to find out where the server is hosted and send an email to the host.


Yes that is big problem for me.
Server is closed right now meanwhile the fake server is open.

@gychem ok i will try to find the host, But i still need help...

- Contact Dugi about that.

@Mr.Tony, it will work?,
I've to stop the fake server before they steal my loyal players.

If your players had any type of common sense, they would know the difference between a fake forum and script. That being said, they may not if you are using a downloaded script and a generic forum; in which case, you had it coming to you.

Originally Posted by Romel
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@Mr.Tony, it will work?,
I've to stop the fake server before they steal my loyal players.
If your loyal players would leave for another server which is copying yours, don't call them loyal then.

@Nicholas like i just said.
The server is closed. Base on my friend not all of loyal players are coming to that fake server. But some of loyal players are coming over there which is my trusted players.

No, don't listen to Mr.Tony.

First of all why would you contact dugi personally, there are lots of other members of the SA-MP team. Secondly, I'm quite sure they don't respond to things like this.

Just make an announcement on your forum/website/when you join the server about the fake server not being associated with yours. If your players leave then they weren't loyal to begin with.

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