GetPlayerAmmo returns 0 even though if player does have bullets in their weapon if player uses gun while being in car as a passenger. Can anyone confirm?

I didnt understand.
Can you explain well?

Now I forget what i wanted to say. I think if you are inside the car as a passenger and you are driving-by with for example deagle. getPlayerAmmo will tell you you got 0 ammo in the deagle.

You mean it'll show how many ammo do we have or the ammo should be set to 0??

It will show wrong amount of ammo. In case we have 20 ammo, it will still show 0 ammo.

Server cant get player ammo while he is in a car, I guess same as gun id itself

If your players ammo is over the max limit then it will show a -32124 something like that bug or 0 in deagle.

Use GetPlayerWeaponData with GetWeaponSlot and GetPlayerWeapon.

i'm got a rifle gun in samp and 25 ammo i'm not hacker by weapon i'm leader by Logitech server i'm got a like samp.

i'm playning a samp 0.3 version is very popular and world is not samp popular cod2 is very good and cool games

i'm dont now hacking ammo i'm not hacking ammo

Roko_FOKO ja sam iz hrvatske iz magicmale u SL-Brodu

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