[FilterScript] Buy weapons with /w [DIALOG]

You can buy a lot of weapons which I'm not going to say cuz I'm too lazy. Includes RPG, Minigun and Heat-Seaker.
Type /w Ingame and a dialog will appear showing you the names of the guns and the prices beside them!

Add "weaponshop.amx" and "weaponshop.pwn" to your filterscripts and add "weaponshop" beside filterscrips in server.cfg and your done!!!


My pc can't use lightshot so I can't take a screenshot, sorry!

It's simple and short so I'd suggest to upload it to pastebin so people can take a look before they going to DL it.
Anyways as I already said It's simple but nice, thanks..

Oh yeah I add a screenshot for you

I Tried to Add it..but when i buy weapons its I Don't get anything...? O.o

Its Working Good +rep Useful for TDM

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