How can I restart my server WITHOUT /GMX! (It doesn't work!)

The server I'm running is still in development, which means problems can occur, which means I need to restart the server quite frequently either for hotfixes or if something has gone wrong!

When I use /rcon gmx or /gmx (A ZCMD command that uses SendRconCommand) it does it's thing

The server is restarting...

And after it just says "Connected. Joining the game" the spawn buttons appear but don't work.

I have to either exit the game and rejoin or log into the VPS, close the server and open it again (Which takes time, and sometimes I can't log into the VPS because it says too many users are on it)

I remember on ServerFFS I used the "/rcon exit" command to restart the server, and it automatically restarted (Restarted the actual process rather than GMX, so there were no fuckups with things in the game)

How could I achieve something like this so I can actually restart my server from in game?

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