Hackers On The Server Message To SA:MP team!

I'm Total hecked off with these hackers please take this seriously!
Dear SA:MP Team,
These hackers is hacking our Rcon password and i don't know how they hacked my password they keep on hacking my system is Luxadmin system.When i asked them who are you and why are you hacking the server they're telling that because i hacked their server so they're hacking "" is theirs.we closed the server because he was banning all our team he hacked my account '[KoK]KinG' can SA:MP team do anything with this?
I can give thier IP here: They Use some time Hot spot shield.

I was knowing one of the hackers that guys name Cops Az on ******** My Name is Fadhil Kabeer on Fb

Many More I hope SA:MP team can take action against them, if SA:MP Team dosen't care then the whole Servers of SA:MP will be hacked down by these hackers please help me.I will be adding the Link of the Whole server_log.txt soon.

change your password Ban em omfg

Your poor security practices does not a pandemic make

Change your RCON and make it a hard password. Don't give it to anyone, make sure your computer doesn't have a keylogger on it.

I HAVE to remove the IPs from your post because the only word we have to go on is yours.

Check the LUX admin script for security holes

Don't use the same password as RCON for anything else

Also do a GeoIP ban for all A1 ranges. Those are anonymous ranges that the proxy services use.

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