3DText Label

Anyone here see in this code a mistake that sends me an 'Unknown command' message? Every line of the code in command works only this one won't.. why?

pawn Код:
new string[128];
    format(string, sizeof(string), "Pojazd: %s\nModel: %d (VID: %d)\nKoszt: %d\nKolor: %d/%d", VehicleNames[GetVehicleModel(modelid) - 400], modelid, SerwerInfo[sTotalVehCreated], price, colour1, colour2);
    VehicleInfo[cVehicle][vVehDescriptionLabel] = Create3DTextLabel(string, COLOR_NICK, X, Y, Z, 100.0, 0);

2nd page.

I noticed that something is not good with "VehicleNames". Without this function the format works fine.. but, the question is.. Why?


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