Home made script help.

Hello guys. i got a question about, how to make custom houses, like you know.. making random bars in the house,
a floor for dancing and stuff, I tryed to ****** it, I tryed to find some guides.. but nothing... I thought i could have some help in here

You have to map them, many people uses MTA's map editor and converts the map to SA-MP CreateObject.
Also, you can use SA-MP's editor: https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=282801

Good luck!

Hmm looks nice but after i finished with my house scripting, how can i transfer it to my own server?
(Thank you so very much about the rep tho )

But them into your script in the correct places

Note: If your only making an interior get a FS or some code that allows you to put objects in your game or if you wanna make a interior from nothing then get a map editor.

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