How To

How Do you get your rep up in this fourm??

Make a useful gamemode, filterscript, include, plugin, or tutorial. People will rep you.

Or help people in the Scripting Help section, people will rep you there too.

Most people who rep are new and have less than 50 posts so their rep won't be counted until they reach 50 posts. (Otherwise I'd have like 15rep and ****** would have like a million rep)

You give people reputation by clicking on their 6-pointer star next to their online status at the bottom left of their post. (Click mine to see how it works ^^)
The star looks like this,

To view the reputation that you've received, click on User CP located right underneath the Forum's header, then you will see this,

The grey box means they gave you rep but didn't have enough posts for it to count.
The green box means they gave you rep and it counted.

When I give people rep I usually leave a comment with my username after the comment so they know I gave them the rep.



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