What kind of roleplay server you like the most?


I wanted to make one central topic where all roleplayers from the SA:MP community can gather and talk about roleplay servers.

What is your favourite type of roleplay server? Nowadays I mostly see roleplay servers divided between "medium" an "strict", of which you also got some servers that approach real life as close as posible.

I will post my opinion here later on

I mostly like medium to heavy Roleplay servers.Anyway,here are the servers i play on:
1.)Next Generation Roleplay
2.)Red County Roleplay
3.)Street Fame Roleplay-(My server,going to open it on 11th August)

I will say mine is....

Eh, I don't mean list all your RP servers :P

I actually mean what KIND of RP you prefer, like light, medium, strict.

One which allows everybody to join, even beginners. No quiz at all, maybe a tutorial with a choice if you want to see it.

Seriously, fuck strict, light, medium. Shitty words which represents a roleplay server nowadays.

Next Generation

Strict Roleplay all the way!

Roleplay servers where you can apply for factions ingame, by either speaking with an admin or a faction leader. I hate registering on forums to simply apply for a faction. Everything else, I pretty much don't care about. In fact, if anyone knows a server which does this kind of recruiting - please let me know.

I think i like medium RP servers the most. Of course it needs some realism but you gotta remember that it's still a game. One with a nice ''Grand Theft Auto'' feel as well,with gangs like Grove Street Families and Glen Park Ballas. Also i'd like to try something like a prison RP server. Never tried it but it seems like fun.

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I will say mine is....
In that server... You get cars, VIP, Money, Factions, house, Gold Rims, E-locks, another leaked NG script with only text edit, and they dont have eco, they give every noob 10 mils

I prefer Strict RP, like Redcounty Roleplay, with their UNIQUE housing feature

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