[FilterScript] iGetty's MySQL VIP script.

VIP Script by iGetty.

Hello and welcome to the post for my MySQL VIP filterscript.

I have been working on this script for around 20 minutes, as I've not seen many (if any) MySQL VIP Scripts.

This script features a VIP script, with basic VIP commands. (/vkick, /vspectate, etc...).

If you have got any suggestions that you would like to see added to this Filterscript, please let me know on this thread and I will update it.

Credits: Me for the FilterScript.
Zeex: For the ZCMD include.
******: For the sscanf include.
SA-MP: For the awesomeness of scripting abilities.
BlueG: For the MySQL plugin.


(When needed will be updated)


Download Version 1.0 here

(I know that this thread doesn't look nice. But I will update it when I have time and make it nicer looking. Please don't complain about the layout, thanks!)

Might try this, mine wont save the VIPs and gives anyone that connects with that ID VIP aswell. MySql DB makes it extra nice. And might I add, FIRST.

Thanks number name person :P

Just tried it. Looks nice if you don't have a registration system. I already have a registration system, so this is a hassle. I won't use this. But I highly recommend it.

Wow nice release! Good job!

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Wow nice release! Good job!


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