[Map] LS Fire Depot

Hello all, its a hot day here in portugal :@

I am bored, so i decided to post one of my first maps.

I've started to map some 2 years ago, this was one of the first maps, so dont expect much, hehe, hope you like it.

its just a show, but, if you want the map, PM me, and i will send it to you.

Sorry, the pictures upload is mad, so cant upload in any hoster, sorry.

PS:the link is the thread where my map is posted, its not meanted to advertise, as the server is not mine.


Why not uplaod it with pastebin or the .pwn on a site

ALso up loads SS's to something like imgur and just post link

wtf is this ? lol

Seriously, Fix this up.

i will fix that. my internet was screwed yesterday. but now i think its fixed. sorry for this

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