Comenzi pe nume

R3 alz o intrebare am si eu cum fac unele comenzi pe nume de ex: /setadmin sa fie pe nume daca am numele adyi sa pot folosi aceea comanda . Am vazut pe un server si nuj cum s afca pls mult Ms

Ori dai edit si pui in engleza ca sa te ajute, ori copy-paste aici

P.S: Si eu caut.


folosesti ZCMD si sscanf includes ...


You need to use ZCMD with sscanf includes ..

EDIT: A little exemple how to use that includes , a /id command


#include <a_samp>
#include <ZCMD>
#include <sscanf>

CMD:id(playerid, params[])
	new rName[MAX_PLAYER_NAME],
		String[128], Reciver;

	if(sscanf(params[], "u", Reciver)
	    SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "USAGE: /id [PlayerID/PartOfName]");
	    return 1;
 	GetPlayerName(Reciver, rName, sizeof(rName));
 	format(String, sizeof(String), "Player %s have ID %i !", pName, Reciver);
	SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, String);
	return 1;
sscanf :

sscanf(const data[], const [format], {Float,...});
// I'm not good at explanations but i can say const data it's on our case params[] - what you type before /id .. think you understand
// const format[] = Specifier -- See down there
// The last parameter it's in our case Reciver , if you use the specifier "u" that mean ID of player .. Hope you understand what i try to tell you there
Specifier(s)			Name				Example values
	i, d			Integer				1, 42, -10
	c			Character			a, o, *
	l			Logical				true, false
	b			Binary				01001, 0b1100
	h, x			Hex				1A, 0x23
	o			Octal				045 12
	n			Number				42, 0b010, 0xAC, 045
	f			Float				0.7, -99.5
	g			IEEE Float			0.7, -99.5, INFINITY, -INFINITY, NAN, NAN_E
	u			User name/id (bots and players)	******, 0
	q			Bot name/id			ShopBot, 27
	r			Player name/id			******, 42

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