Problem in Starting

my problem is with the plugin's , idk the problem , i get this in server log
[03:53:21] Server Plugins
[03:53:21] --------------
[03:53:21]  Loading plugin: audio.dll
[03:53:21]   Failed.
[03:53:21]  Loading plugin: sscanf.dll
[03:53:21]   Failed.
[03:53:21]  Loading plugin: streamer.dll
[03:53:21]   Failed.
[03:53:21]  Loaded 0 plugins.

[03:53:21] Filterscripts
[03:53:21] ---------------
[03:53:21]   Loading filterscript 'anims.amx'...
[03:53:21]   Loading filterscript 'buttons.amx'...
[03:53:21]   Loaded 2 filterscripts.

[03:53:21] Script[gamemodes/ERRP.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"
[03:53:21] Number of vehicle models: 0
i get the map "unknown"
when player join game stuck in the start ?
check it here
any help ?
i re-compiled all my filterscript and my GM , and every think is Okay ?
what was the problem ?

Problem still shown with all GM i try to start it, even new one in forum ? is it my computer problem ?

Dude, your plugins arent loaded. Place them in correct location and launch the server

Nothing , they are placed correctly

Running outdated plugins? If not outdated, then you probably don't have them placed correctly.

Its most likely that the plugins folder is not named properly, or DBan's post is the soulution

What is and what you mean by outdated plugin ?

Originally Posted by Robert West
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What is and what you mean by outdated plugin ?
Download the latest versions of the plugins you currently have. If that is not the solution, where did you put the plugins? Which folder?

Are you using a host or are you running the server from your computer?

From looking at the services running on your IP address from your first post; you are running a LINUX host. A linux host requires the .so files, not .dll. Go back to the topics for each plugin you use and download the .so files and put those in the plugins folder. You will also have to change server.cfg to say <pluginname>.so (The .so is required).

It's placed in plugin folder as i get it ,and i'm running it in a host (Linux)

Yeah, but you're trying to run the .dll files, .dll is for windows .so is for linux...

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