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Hello SA-MP!

I am trying to make a ban command with MySQL. I made a field in MySQL called 'BANNED'. If it is Null, then the player isn't banned, if it is set to '1' then the player is banned. So, how would I go about checking if the field is not null or contains '1'?

This is my attempt at it:

pawn Код:
// In OnPlayerConnect...
    format(query2, sizeof(query2), "SELECT `BANNED` from `playerdata` WHERE user = '%s' LIMIT 1", GetName(playerid)); // MySQL query
    mysql_query(query); // Send the query
    mysql_store_result(); // Store the result found with the query
    new BANNED = mysql_fetch_int(); // Create the variable, make the query result the variable (this is where im not sure with the use of mysql_fetch_int();)
    if(BANNED == 1) // Check if the variable is 1
        ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 05, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "{FF0303}[X]{FFFFFF} Banned", "This account is disabled. Check our website ("website") for more information.", "Okay", "");
    mysql_free_result(); // Free the result
// Rest of code...
Trying to teach myself MySQL, so bear with me please

P.S. No errors or warnings upon compiling.

Thanks in advance.

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