Errors Re-guarding Commands

I'm Using An Edit Of a Rolelplay Script. When I Try To Compile The Script I Get Some Errors On Bits I Haven't Even Touched. Does Anyone Know Why This Is? Any Help Would Be Appreciated

The Errors Are

pawno\include\ : error 017: undefined symbol "OBJECT_MATERIAL_SIZE_256x128"

pawno\include\ : error 017: undefined symbol "SELECT_OBJECT_PLAYER_OBJECT"

Download the latest server files from

And Stop Typing Every Word With A Capital Letter. I don't even know how one manages to do that without effort.

Yeah, Sorry About The Way I Right, For Some Reason I Have Done It For So Long I Just Do It Now Without Realising. I Have Updated Everything To 0.3e, But As Soon As I Put The Latest Streamer In I Get These Errors?

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