What software can I use to make a website banner?

Hi, I'm Uberanwar

Can someone give me a software to make my server website banner?

Jokes aside (MS Paint is a joke in itself), you're probably best off using Photoshop.

Or you could ****** a banner maker, and create some crappy one with super-cool stars and rainbows and stuff.

Go in-game to any server or singleplayer and take a cool screenshot to use as the background. Then search on a free fonts website for a cool and unique font that you wanna use. Once youve done that open up the Paint that Windows 7 has and paste the background down and then write the text on front of that. Crop it to size and that would make a good enough banne, unless you wanna make it look more professional then I suggest using photoshop.

Okay.. Thanks for the comments

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