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I'm italian, so my english is a bit bad...
Hi to everyone! I have a problem with my server: I port-forwarded my router (alice) with 7777 UDP port. I can join the server, but other people can't. Why I tried any kind of solution: run server as administrator, open multiple ports, shutdown the firewall, but nothing seems to work... What I can do?

Have you tryed using ****** and searching for how to port forward on (router).

the reason why you can join is because you are inside the network, your computer has all the details and info that it needs to connect, others proble are not getting what they need to find or connect. A lot of routers wont respond to a port scan or ping, and your samp server inside the routre wont be there, since it wont send anything back to the person/computer outside the router.

Check if your port is forwarded,

just goto then give this ip to your friends and other poeple ... so they can join and make sure that port foroworded correctly !!!!

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