PPC_Housing Problem

I Have Installed PPC_Housing Everything Is Allright But When I'm In Game And I Typ /createhouse 10 10 Server Crash I Dont See The Problem IN Server_Log To Anywone Can Help?

If i'm not wrong, your missing a folder in your scriptfiles directory, that results to your console exiting without any
warnings. When you type the command 'createhouse', it should save the file somewhere in the scriptfiles directory but if you don't have that folder it will crash

Nop I Have Every Map Now But Crashes

Can AnyWone Help Me Pleas?

I didn't meant maps, I meant you need to have the scriptfiles folder in which the created houses will be saved

Here's a quote from PowerPc603

Also add a new folder called "PPC_Housing" in your scriptfiles folder, this is where the houses are saved and loaded.


I Have Added

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