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Hey guys, i'm just curious, do you guys have any songs that just mean a lot to you? Things that bring back childhood memories or perhaps make new ones? Mine is this:
Don't ask me why I'm being all "emotional" but i just am lol. IDK why. Anyway, just curious.

Yes but not in english language.

Music that was on the funeral of my grandpa.

Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. When I was a kid the songs used to play on this cheap music channel on TV all the time and I just grew to love that band. Back in the day me and my sister used to record the songs with her phone and then listen to them. (awful quality lol)... Good times.
Mostly I'm not touched or whatever by songs tho.

Also, this.

there are 2 musics that those remind me my childhood days... one of them are new (the perfect match) but i dont know why it reminds me my childhood times...
i still love this song <3

EDIT: REMOVED , it got double posted because of my bad speed net :S sry guys



This song still gets stuck in my head

Hail the 90s!


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Also mine!

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