I was about to write a little script, I want to delete an object (a small shop) my map editor told me to do it with RemoveObjectForPlayer but I allways got a warning: tag mismatch...

I don't know why,maybe this command does not exist any longer...

A tag mismatch warning means that you're not using the correct values in the arguments of the function. I don't know of a RemoveObjectForPlayer (Unless it's a custom function from your map editor or something), but there is a function called RemoveBuildingForPlayer in the SA-MP API:

Check out the documentation on it and make sure that the arguments you are providing it are valid, if you're not sure, post the code here and we can help out.

Sry not tag mismatch I mean undefined symbol (or so)

There is no such thing as RemoveObjectForPlayer. There is RemoveBuildingForPlayer to delete a static object and DestroyPlayerObject to delete a server created player object.

And I'm late again because of this retarded flood control. Please wait 41 seconds ..

Oh ok

My map editor is a little weird I should look for a new one... Do you know any good ones?

That one is amazing, if you learn to use it properly.

Thanks +1rep

How can I give you a rep? (I am new here and its a little complicated with my mobile)

The black star is how you can give a rep to other members.

Ok so I think I did it

It doesn't matter about giving a rep

Though, you have to put a comment in for it to work. (I think).

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