Speedo problem

Hello guys, i`m stuck with the next problem:

I use the FS from here -> http://pastebin.com/knH25cyc

But i have a problem...after 6-7 hours of server online the speedo "crash" and it look like -> http://postimage.org/image/9w40ui3b9/ , if i restart the server the speedo work again normaly, but same, for 6-7 hours...
That bar/pin that show the speed disapear...i use it on a 45-50 server, rpg mode...

Credits -> https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=128157

I posted also there but no answer.

Hope you will help me fixing this.

I am not actually sure.Try redownloading it but be sure to get EVERYTHING from the pastebin.

Redowload it like the guy above said and if it happens again look for a different speedometer.

i redownload it but same...i wanna use this because it's "perfect" look ok and work good (excluding that damn fs "crash")

I'd suggest editing the text draw stuff with this Streamer:


Might just help.

The more something is streamed, the less likely it is to cause a crash.

Originally Posted by phillip875
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I'd suggest editing the text draw stuff with this Streamer:
Doesn't stream textdraws.

I must of misread some of the natives then, my bad.

no solutions...?

The code isn't optimised. It's probably being called that many times it just fails. I'm not sure however, just a thought

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