Doesn't show the name of the group


I'm trying to get this working:

If I set a car to group 1, and i enter it while im group 0 it has to say: This car is only usable by "Name from group".

But it doesn't show the name of the group.

pawn Код:
new string[128];
        new PlayerVehicle = GetVehicleFileID(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid));
        if(Vehicles[PlayerVehicle][CarGroup] != 0 && Vehicles[PlayerVehicle][CarGroup] != Player[playerid][Group])
            format(string, sizeof(string), "This vehicle is only usable by %s.", Groups[Vehicles[PlayerVehicle][CarGroup]][GroupName]);
            SendClientMessage(playerid, WHITE, string);
Anyone help?

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