[FilterScript] [FS] R.O.C.K.Y Combat Filterscript v2.0 - Updated 14/09/2009

R.O.C.K.Y Combat Filterscript v2.0

Originally this started as a Gamemode project for SAMP 0.2 back in mid 2007 but due to time constraints I decided to release it as a R.O.C.K.Y Combat Gamemode. Then early 2008 I released the original R.O.C.K.Y Combat v1.0 Filterscript, i decided to make a Filterscript because not many people will be interested in the Gamemode, and the filterscript will attach to ANY Gamemode (unless you have similar commands!) - NOW early 2009, I revamped the script (with the little scripting knowledge I posess) and now present v2.0[/size]

As before you will be free to use and modify the script for your OWN Server Use (e.g. More Arena's etc..) but please leave my original credits and do not re-release this as your own - I will also try and release as many updates as more ideas are thrown about

But feel free to PM me with suggestions or code improvements!

[size=15pt]Available Commands:

Here is the list of the commands included with this gamemode;

(/command - location where command can be used)

/rocky - Gamemode OnPlayerSpawn only - activates the Filterscript!
/exit - anywhere
/stats - anywhere
/help - anywhere
/ko - fighting only
/lounge - Filterscript OnPlayerSpawn only!
/arena (Number) - lounge only
/leave - only in use if no-one else is fighting.
/end - fighting only - But You Will Get A $2500 Fine!
/spectate (playerid/playername) - Spectator mode
Current Features:

KO- Instantly KO other player *Win Match* (Cost $1500) - But beware, the prize for winning is only $500!

Spectator mode - Watch Fighters Anywhere - even in your Gamemode, but will put player in a random position!
[size=12pt]Now Easier To Develop More Fighting Arena's

DOWNLOAD: http://www.box.net/shared/3l6old49n4


It's really nice, from your description it sounded like a very basic script :P
But it's not, it's pretty good, with quite a few good features

There is only 1 main bug:

The freeze option doesn't work - mainly because the TogglePlayerControllable doesn't allow health to decrease when set to '0' - so a repeating timer will have to be used to randomize health deduction - My Original Idea!

but you can either delete it or approach it in a different way!


[b]EDIT: Updated the original post with list of commands and features and known bugs!

Originally Posted by tosscops
[b]EDIT: Updated the original post with list of commands and features and known bugs!
It looks like a good script ; but if you know bugs you should fix them immediately to keep the mode popular .

But as I said before - I haven't really got time to modify and update the script, that is why I have released it so other can use and modify as they wish.


I tried to open a home server and play it, But when i try to do /register X
it's crashes... server + game

what to do? the mode is so fucking cool, how do I fix it? where do i put the gBlank file?


Sorry I never replied earlier - but two things,
  • Do you have a folder called 'scriptfiles' in your sa-mp server root file?
  • Ignore the gBlank file - that's only for extending the arena's through the script!
Hope this solves your problem - reply if not!


Updated with new info - Sorry I haven't been around but got a new job - try and guess what it is?


a pimp? lol thankx for the update btw

No not a pimp lol - something alot better

btw wasnt it already a r.o.c.k.y. gm released a lot of time ago?



Yes there was, and it was my original (old) 0.1b version release early June 2007.

I'm releasing this one for use and adaption ONLY which means that mirroring, or re-posting won't be aloud unless I'm notified first.


Download Link is not available at the moment - It will be updated soon around Christmas or 23rd Dec.

Link available in the next few days



Nice, would love to see that bookie system in it soon :P

Link available online now!



Hi All,

Ok - I've been away from SA-MP for about a year now, and I have noticed the latest changes, but I'm back due to having more free time to myself.

So I've restarted my original (2 year-old) project and have released v2.0 of the R.O.C.K.Y Combat Filterscript.

For those who are unaware of the original version here is my old Promo Vid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvZaSSWh5PM

Enjoy ToSSCoPS

Due to me being a utter complete mong - I have now corrected the link so you can download V2.0 not V1.0


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