Domain Transfer

Hey guys,

Well, I am looking for a cheap & reliable domain transfer service provider. Any ideas, please share.

The services like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc have their costs more than the normal renewal charges of my registrar. There's no point in transferring a domain at a cost more than the renewal costs and getting a 1 year free extension.

I did search on ******, and I also want to consider your recommendations. Please suggest.

try name cheap there realy cheap even samp fourms use name cheap

They just have a small noob problem with the dns, nothing more

You should regularly look for coupon codes for Namecheap. They regularly offer domain transfers for only $1 or so.

+1 for Namecheap.

Even if their transfer price is a little more than you'd pay for just renewing it with your current provider, in my opinion it's worth it as Namecheap is fantastic. They also give free whois-guard for one year.

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