PLEASE HELP!!! +rep script probs!!

Hey i have serious script problems with my server. it keeps crashing and is bugged, it all happened suddenly. Admin commands dont work and /ar bugs the hole system and crashes the server. IDs get mixed up IG so when i type /makeadmin 1 999999 it makes some1 else with the id 5 and other serious problems. So PLEASE help, +rep for any proper help. PM me for more info cause we need to go ig and see the probs, and my server is locked so i have to give you the password, Thanks. Please help>>>

You try to update the plugins?

update your plugins download it the sscanf 2.6 and recompile your script
and if you are using NGRP just disable the
pawn Код:
AddReportToken(playerid); // Report Tokens
pawn Код:
//AddReportToken(playerid); // Report Tokens
i bet you are using NGRP script

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