How To Disable Speed boost in race?

Hey Guys I Wonder i have a filterscript ryderrace system for races and in my gamemode i have a boost script in onplayerketstatechange and i want it to be disabled in ryderrace system so can u help me out?

Put your boost system in RyDeRґ's FS and use a variable.

how dude? i tryed ! but didnt help !. Can You Give an example

For example, you enable speed boost with KEY_FIRE:
pawn Код:
new bool:InRace[MAX_PLAYERS];

//---When player joins a race:
InRace[playerid] = true;

//---When he finishes the race:
InRace[playerid] = false;

if(newkeys & KEY_FIRE)
    if(InRace[playerid] == false)
        //Boost functions. etc

Irinel.. would'nt that also disable Nos? if the KEY_FIRE is disabled.. im not sure though

Prob Solved!.

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