i got warning from crash detect plungin: [12:11:46]: ----- Crashdetect v3.6.2 loaded -----
[12:12:35]: Script[gamemodes\G.amx]: During execution of OnPlayerCommandPerformed():
[12:12:35]: Script[gamemodes\G.amx]: Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds"
[12:12:35]: Additional information:
[12:12:35]: Array max index is 79 but accessing an element at 445<<< this is car id

if(strcmp(cmdtext, "/remont", true))
if(Carlist[playerid][Typ] == -1) return GameTextForPlayer(playerid,"You don't have a car",3000,1);
if(Carlist[playerid][Status] != 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid, GREY, "What are you doing?");
new reparatur = Buylist[Carlist[playerid][Typ]][Repair];
if(reparatur > GetPlayerMoneyA(playerid))
format(string, 128, "You need for fixing (%i $)!", reparatur);
SendClientMessage(playerid, RED, string);
return 1;
Carlist[playerid][Status] = 1;
Carlist[playerid][Carid] = CreateTunedCar(playerid);
GivePlayerMoneyA(playerid, - reparatur);
format(string, 128, "Repaired for %i $! find /carm", reparatur);
GameTextForPlayer(playerid, string, 2000, 5);
return 1;

so nobody know how to fix?

Does your script require any plugins?

Are you getting this error in the samp-server.exe console?

Originally Posted by speed258
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so nobody know how to fix?
Wow, Do not double post, also you're not allowed to bump your topics within 48 hours. Also it takes time to write the solution so be patient, or learn to fix it by yourself!

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