Portforwarding Help[Belkin Router]

These are in order, anyone have any idea?

you did it write but u did some wrong in the last picture
1- did u open samp-server.exe??

ur wrong:
1- in ur computer u must only put the port that is :7777 in the search in other ips they only put the ip but in ur comuter(ip) u can only use :7777 and other ppl use the ip

give me rep. pls if i helped u

What? Repeat the second thing again...

did u open samp-server.exe from ur server file?

if any one from ur ip want to open the server he must use the port and if someone not same ur ip that u portforward it they must use ur ip and ppl that have same ur ip like ur pc u musr use the port of server :7777

if u didnt understand my second answare tell me ur teamviewer id and pass so i make it for u that if u didnt understand me exactly in my second answare if u understand give me rep. pls

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