[FilterScript] Nailed bat - Become an authenthic psychopath

Hey guys, this script is maybe a crap, but it's quite fun.
Whenever you hold a baseball bat, it will be replaced with a nailed, gross, rusty and big bat with nails attached on the tip.
You can choose whether to use the nailed bat automatically using the command /nailedbat.
Like you can see here:
1st Picture - Click
2nd Picture - Click

If your script uses ZCMD, or strcmp to handle commands, this script is compatible with both. You need to change this line
pawn Код:
#define USE_ZCMD        true
To 'true' or 'false' if you want to use ZCMD or not.
This is required for the /nailedbat command.

Also, if you use attached objects, change this line
pawn Код:
#define NAILEDBAT_SLOT  (06)
To change the attached object index to an unused one, or the nailed bat might override your other attached objects. By default, it's 6.

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Good script man, you deserve a +rep!

10/9 cool man

Lol It's funny. A suggestion: What about adding damage to the bat? I mean if you got hit by a player that got the nailed bat you get killed.

Instead of using OnPlayerUpdate, I suggest you to add this to the GivePlayerWeapon function and modify the script a bit. OnPlayerUpdate may only cause more lag in the server.

I re-wrote your plugin into the way that would be good in my opinion, I am not sure if you'll like it, but I think the best way to make the spikes appear, would be the following:

How it works: Simple, you get the bat and then it will transform into that spiky bat, 500ms after you get the bat. If you want to disable it, you'll have to type the normal command you scripted.

It's a nice bat

As additional you could increase the amount of damage the bat does
Edit: Vector was first about this damage suggestion

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