error cannot read from file 0.3e YSI

I have a problem with the cannot read from file error in 0.3e, i need some suggestions.
pawn Код:
#include <YSI\y_commands>
#include <YSI\y_master>
i dont know if YSI really is made for 0.3e but it worked in 0.3d
pawn Код:
: fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "YSI\y_commands"
this is the error and i think the error will come with #include <YSI\y_master> too.

I hope someone have some suggestions on what could have gone wrong.

It cannot read from the file because the file is not there.

EDIT: there is a 0.3e YSI.

how can the file not be there if it is there?

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