[HELP] Audio_Seek and Streamer_CallBackHook

[19:44:20] Error: Function not registered: 'Streamer_CallbackHook'
[19:44:20] Error: Function not registered: 'Audio_Seek'
[19:44:20] Script[gamemodes/MS-RP.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"
[19:44:20] Number of vehicle models: 0

If someone is able to fix these for me then ill be greatful, ive been trying to fix this for 3-4 weeks and cannot find a solution on here, if your able to fix it then just add me on skype or send me a private message

Skype: rossbysouth

Show yout server.cfg

It's linux or windows?

You've tried helping me before...
Its Windows and im using a host of which is www.kingj.net and all the plugins are fine its to do with a function in the script I think
I need someone who KNOWS how to fix or with experience if possible

Sorry for double post as this is pretty much a bump and also I no longer need help with the streamer_callbackhook as I have found a solution that may work but I still need help with Audio_Seek and im able to copy and paste the code

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