Help needed! (REP+)

Alright then, I have removed the ENB series mod, and removed every mod, I tried to join and my game crashed, so I un-installed my game, and installed it again.

Once I try to join any server, even Single Player my game crashes. I already installed my game like 5 times.

Help needed ASAP please! I already removed gta_sa.set blabla..

Crash? Like what error pops up?

gta_sa.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

thats why i get

You bought it or just downloaded it illegally?

Bought it.


Tried re-installing San Andreas?

Restarting your computer?

Installing the latest version of SA-MP ?

Got the latest video drivers?

Got the latest DirectX?

troubleshooting ftw


goto My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/ and copy paste gta_sa.set into your desktop or somewhere then delete it from the folder try again if it works replace it with the one on your desktop and your fine.

Make sure, you did all those things..
If this doesn't work, your problem is elsewhere, try un-installing San Andreas and then making sure all the San Andreas program files are deleted from your computer, then re-install the San Andreas game. Your best bet is to have a version that isn't downloaded but bought legally. I have 75% sure that you downloaded it.

I've done everything you said, and I bought it legally..


Try renaming and moving the folder to other place..

Mr.1337 Re-install it in a Deffrent Location.

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