problem with combining scripts

I tried to combine my game mode script with[L3th4l]'s Dynamic Vehicle Ownership and it compiled perfect with no errors but when I try it in my server it makes all the player skins to choose from are ID 1 and when I spawn takes me out of world bounds and the screen goes all weird but when I try to run the Dynamic Vehicle Ownership in a filter script it works fine. Also note it works fine in my local test server but the one I want it on is my dedicated server with online hosting.

If you just spend time trying to understand how the filterscript works, then you should try combining. It doesn't help when you integrate a somewhat large-scale script into your mode, and you don't know how things work. Help yourself before you ask for help.

I've been looking through this script off and on for the last 2 weeks at least and only now am asking for help with it because I just can't figure it out... I am very familiar with the script and most of how it works and if you read my whole post then you would see that I said it does work with my local test server but not my dedicated server maybe someone could relate to these issues?

What type of gamemode is it? Roleplay, I assume.

It is a cops and robbers role play

If the mode is using plugins (mainly sscanf). Your best bet is just to take them off, download the latest, and re-install, and re-compile.

I have the same include as plugin for the gamemode and the filter script that actually worked, I don't think that is the problem

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