how can i make an rustler shoot likes an hydra and drop bombs?


how can i make an rustler shoot likes an hydra and drop bombs using the mapandreas plugin??

thnx for helping,

Can you explain yourself sir?

uhm yes i want te get my ruster (airplane) shoots likes an hydra with the rockets,
and i want that the rustler can drop some bombs an that the bomb hits the ground that they explode

greetingz speediekiller2

1) when player presses the shoot key (OnPlayerKeyStateChange) use CreateObject and MoveObject to create and move a bomb towards ground (use MapAndreas to get the Z coord)

2) when object has stopped moving (OnObjectMoved) destroy the object (DestroyObject) and create explosion (CreateExplosion)

thnx for helping

eeuhm but how can i got to explode the bomb when it hits the ground pls a quick tutorial

pawn Code:
new Float:x, Float:y, Float:z;
GetPlayerPos( playerid, x, y, z );
z = 0.0;
GetPointZPos( x, y, z );
MoveObject(/*objectid*/, x, y, z, 2.0 );

//public OnObjectMoved( objectid )
new Float:x, Float:y, Float:z;
GetObjectPos( objectid, x, y, z );
CreateExplosion( x, y, z, 4, 40 );
DestroyObject( objectid );
Just a quick one, not tested, maybe?

LOL my post first after his even though it is not visible! Did any admins remove it?
Yeah you can make it using MapAndreas Plugin but I prefer to make it using an include with the same function I saw it last week but forgot it's name. You can try my FS it is in my Signature named Bomber Plane. WISH YOU LUCK.

I got an unfinished include for that job. Im gonna take a look at it to see if its worth finishing.

alright thnx for your help

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