How to get more Objects then 1000 on your server?

Hello, I have this problem, My friend have made a interior with is like 900 objects and then not all object are shown, I managed to fix this via deleting some of the other items i had on the server,

My question is: how many object can you have on a server? And how to get more (I think like NGRP have much more items then 1000 if that is the limit, so how to get more objects then that?)

Thanks for all the answers!

Use a streamer. And the search function.

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Use a streamer. And the search function.
Ok, Thanks for the fast answer.

Try this:
[Include] MidoStream - Flexible Object Streamer


[Include] [INC] modified for Incognito's Streamer Plugin

Use incognito's streamer plugin. It's the best one.

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